Quality Leads for Businesses and Sales Professionals. We can help you generate business Leads with an effective, flexible and personal communications. Leads are the blood line for every sales industry in India. We are a hands on marketing firm that specialized telemarketing, Seo-Internet Marketing Services and Robo Call Voice Leads for businesses. We are here to promote your company and arrange consultation on your behalf. Therefore, we serve you to generate more sales and boost up the profit. We also offer internet marketing and voice broadcasting Leads generation services. We are proficient in generating business Leads on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Our two outstanding and popular services are; generating Internet Leads through Seo services and exclusive preset appointments. We can help you keep your prospective clients in touch with your company. Don't let your competitors steal the best deals and simply consult us for the best solutions round the corner.

For B2C & B2B Marketing; Telemarketing & Internet Leads are great for Sales presentations.

We provide highly experienced agents who are professionals and dedicated toward work.
They are quite intelligent in performing call handling with accurate timing.
This can be a handy and time saving option for you to let our professionals make the introductions for you, which can lead to long term success and also allows you to focus your time on other business demands simultaneously.
Generating appointments, Leads and exclusive pre-sets for small business nationwide that have sales agents to provide Leads are also in our forte.

B2B Marketing and Telemarketing Services

We generate small business Leads with telemarketers, Voice Leads with Robo Calls and internet Leads.
We will help your make outbound calls to prospective data and promote your company simultaneously to boost up recognize your product or services in a way better than your competitors.
We encourage and cooperate with your prospective clients with the utmost target of acquiring a physical or telephonic appointment for you.
As experienced market researchers, we can assure you to grab and effectively identify the best data source of your target audience.
We can stimulate them to purchase data on your behalf or handle your current database.

B2B Marketing and Telemarketing Services

Are you a small business company looking for some innovative marketing strategies?
Well, in that case, you can always rely on us for the best lead generation solution. We specialize in telemarketing Leads, voice broadcasting solutions and internet lead generation services.
Our solutions are high-end and prolific thereby, meeting your requirements right away.We provide personalized, flexible and extremely effective lead generation services that eventually help you generate more sales and buck up on the profit quotient.
Throughout the last few years we have been providing the best business to consumer and business to business lead generation services.

Why Choose Us for Lead Generation

Enik Leads is extremely unique for its well-featured telemarketing lead generation services. We can generate business Leads on a daily weekly and monthly basis, thereby, working under stringent deadline and fitting the requirements of our clients right away. This feature makes our company stay ahead of the competitors.
Our telemarketing experts will generate sales and business Leads to keep your agents busy every day. They specialize in business Leads lead generation and fit into your requirements right away. They generate the exclusive preset appointment and contact you from time to time in order to check and ensure, whether their services meet your purpose. Apart from that, we also generate appointment sales Leads and exclusive presets for the small business nationwide that have competent sales agent to provide the Leads.
Our telemarketing Leads provides you the most high-end business processes with the best equipment for telecommunication and the most viable technology available in the current date. We employ the most experienced and efficient professionals available in the industry. Our professionals are motivated, well-trained and exceptionally focused on providing the best customer care experience.
All in all we help you end up with profitable, competent and high quality customers.

Increase Your Sales Appointments with Internet Marketing Services

Generating new Leads can happen online. Our team if marketers an use Seo and internet marketing strategies to help you generate new customers. As after identifying potential customers you can promote your services or products better. You need to know as to what exactly customers need as it would generate qualified Leads. It is basically creating something proper so that people buy your products and are happy using them. On top of that they also provide viable internet lead to Seo services which again is great for your business. Various market research methods come into the picture. These surveys depend on market locations, detailed analysis of requirements of potential Leads. If you require a proper sales lead generation you need to make everything simple after thorough analysis. This can be accomplished by sending mails to the existing customers and persuade them to fill up a survey form. In this manner you can figure out their necessities. To some products people might get attracted but not all. You should be having a clear idea about the weak and strong points of the probable clientele. Do update your qualified Leads about the latest development in your products via seminars, marketing techniques, instant emails which can make the customers buy your services or products. These Leads need to have a proper follow up as it would enhance the chances of changing these potential to regular clients. Our group of skilled internet marketers can increase your website visitors equalling more sales Leads for professionals.

  • Weekly Business Leads
  • Build a telemarketing call center group without the daily over head
  • Robo Call, Voice broadcasting and Live transfer connecting directly to your sales force
  • Real estate Leads

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Why Enik?

  1. Enik Leads is Top Leading company for Leads genaration.
  2. We have more expertise in Leads genartion and online marketing.
  3. We are providing the best, convenient, reliable, and cost effective packages for all.
  4. We are providing customized support 24*7.